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We are working for a beautiful and living countryside throughout the county

Our aim is to influence planning decisions that affect the countryside at local and national levels, and to initiate and support activities that directly improve the countryside and rural communities

A beautiful, tranquil, diverse and productive countryside is fundamental to people’s quality of life, wherever they live

HS2 - CPRE is petitioning Parliament

This petition - filed by our National Office - is a formal summary of CPRE's grounds of objection to the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill, which would give planning approval for phase 1 of High Speed 2. It calls…

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Witches' Knickers

Why do we keep going on about Witches' Knickers?  Because it is a phrase that resonates particularly well with schoolchildren - a constituency we really need to connect with if we are to change attitudes to littering. We first heard…

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Solar farms in the countryside

Unless it is checked, climate change will have a considerable adverse impact on the countryside we love.  That we have to reduce mankind's carbon dioxide emissions is now widely accepted.  However, governmental strategies to encourage renewable energy perhaps inevitably focus…

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